Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Features In Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

New Features In Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which officially launched October 29, 2012 has several new features and a more enhanced features, such as

Notifications & Settings
Menu settings and notifications are usually put together in the series before Jelly Bean Android 4.2. But in version 4.2, I divided it into two windows.
If the user scroll through the screen on the right, will show the option of lighting level settings, settings, wi-fi, screen rotation, airplane mode, and bluetooth. As for the left is to notifications from Google Now where notifications will appear in this box.

Photo Sphere
This one feature would indeed be very useful to the user. With Photo Sphere feature, the user can display images up to 360 degrees in every direction the view. Additionally setleah we take pictures, we can share directly through G+.

Gesture Typing
Typing Gesture Additional features that can be said is similar to Swype, users can type without worrying about space constraints type. Even the Text to Speech feature can be used to type by using sound.

Supports Multiple Users
For the first time this feature is implemented. Users can log on more than one account with a different screen displays.
With that feature, the device could be used by multiple users. However, this time the Multi Users can only be used by two users. To add another user to the device, please go to the menu.

On the device, open the Users option. In the new window, there is a choice Add User, and after pressing OK and set up now, the main screen will appear and the user is prompted to enter an email. If the device is locked to unlocked, there will be two round icons belong to each user.
Wallpaper and fill out the application in it will be different depending on what is installed by each user.

Features and Google Search Google Now
In the latest version of Android, Google Now has a search box and the microphone icon on the screen so the user does not need to press three virtual buttons at the bottom.

On the screen is locked, either one or more than one user, there is a circle icon at the bottom and pressing the note Google that will take the user to the features of Google Play.

In Andorid 4.2 Jelly Bean features of Google Now that bermemiliki function informs about the weather, the latest film in the cinema, and the scheduled departure or arrival of the aircraft. Google Search coupled with features that make the user more comfortable doing searchingpencarian on the internet.


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