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What Is Best Office Apps For Android

Best Office Apps For Android

What Is Best Office Apps For Android

For users of Android-based gadgets, there are many in the Android app "office" which has been uploaded by a number of software companies. Five applications "office" is pretty well used in the Android operating system at this time is as follows.

1. Kingsoft Office
Kingsoft Office as is from Microsoft Office to view, edit, and organize documents. Now the application has been present on the Android operating system for free.

The features offered by Kingsoft Office compared the application "office" are complete with the other free to users given access to the facility to open a variety of file "office" which format doc, docx, txt, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, and pdf.

Besides the advantage is to provide facilities for setting file can help users organize their documents. This application has also been integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox cloud storage and a few others.

2. Office Suite Professional 6
This application is more complete in the support document format to any format owned by Kingsoft Office coupled with special formats that are not owned by the application "office" another in Android, like XLSM, PPTM, PPSM, and DOCM.

Another interesting feature is the availability of menu printing documents using Google Cloud Print users can print documents which directly from the application without having to connect your Android gadget via WiFi, USB, NFC, and Bluetooth.

3. Olive Office Premium
Application "office" is even using the word but the premium will be given for free in the Android Market. For a given feature in this application is complete enough almost equivalent to Kingsoft Office.

This application can also read PDF format, MHT, MIME, and HTML. Olive Office Premium support 6 languages, namely English, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and German.

4. Quick Office Pro
Quickoffice Pro has a feature that is quite complete. This application can also open, edit, and save documents to the cloud storage.

For word processing, the application can check the spelling of English language documents, formulas are fairly complete in data processing applications, and can add notes and mark-up on a PDF file.

5. Smart Office 2
This application has an interface that is quite interesting to view the Dashboard Smart Office 2, which allows users to access the features available.

This application is quite different than the others because it provides a variety of attractive templates to create documents that good and easy on smart phones and tablets.

There are also Picsel's Visual Explorer in this application that serves as a file manager that allows users to view documents they have. With the applications, "office", the smart phone users can now easily view, edit, and save documents on their Android gadget.

Besides these applications are free of viruses and has been trusted by many people so that users can utilize to improve the efficiency of the activities. (Source: Techno Journal) (Fitri)

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