Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Charge Your Batteries?

How to Charge Your Batteries?

So that batteries can be used with standard factory, it is necessary to consider how to charge battery properly. If your battery performance decreases, it will greatly affect the convenience to use the tablet.

If you charge the battery correctly, will form a habit. By habit, the battery charge will not be a burden, you also will not forget when to charge batteries.

Therefore, do these habits:

01. Do not use the tablet and charge the battery simultaneously. Since the time of charging, the battery will absorb heat from the electricity - so the batteries will also be hot. If you use the tablet while the battery charge, the heat received by the battery will double. It's not good for battery performance.

02. Use the original charger, so that the incoming voltage according to the battery type. Avoid using a desktop charge, because the voltage is not controlled and often exceeds that of the standard, this will result in the battery being unable to function optimally.

03. Note the duration of battery charging. If the first time charging, it takes you about 4 hours to charge the battery fully. For the next charging, try charging no more than 4 hours. Make it a habit so that your battery is not overloaded.

Therefore, do not charge your battery before going to sleep, if you sleep then overloaded and the battery will have to be very hot. If it happens repeatedly, it will degrade battery performance.

To set the duration of charging, you can use the application charge regulator, one Battery Dr saver + a task killer, or can be searched through the search engine Google. Using an application like this, when the battery is full, the alarm will sound and the incoming voltage is automatically reduced. (Fitri)


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