Thursday, November 22, 2012

Why Android More Likes?

Why Android More Likes?

Android operating system users are projected to continue to grow rapidly in the coming years. Moreover, the Android operating system mobile devices that are more affordable, more and more customers are using the operating system owned by Google.

Android increasingly soar with smartphones and tablet devices. No doubt, this becomes an open operating system of choice for global manufacturers to adopt, such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola. Samsung developed rapidly in recent years, so it ranks high for their products that use the android operating system.

Why Android is preferred?

Android provides a lot of content that the consumer is free to choose the required application. Sharing applications and games become attractive user. Android also has a stunning user interface compared to other OS. With the increasing number of smartphones and tablets based on Android, so there is competition affecting cheaper price.

According to data released by Google, the Android operating system, over 500 million units worldwide. The growth of Android is undeniable, in the near future will shift the dominance of Apple in the tablet market.

Compared to Apple, Android is an open system (open source) so that manufacturers may use the gadget for free or even change according to their interests. Google Android exempt deliberately designed to let users more easily access services moneymaker Google like search engines, digital maps, and a variety of applications in the Android Market.

Apple strictly controls their products, ranging from software, hardware, service outlets to the music, books, games, and other online applications.

Android more frequent updates based on the feedback obtained from the developers, manufacturers, and customers. Although updates to the Android system must pass through a number of stops, among other handset manufacturers and telecom operators, who need to adjust their services with existing platforms.

Apple iOS updating once a year.


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