Monday, November 19, 2012

iOS, Apple's Operating System

iOS, Apple's Operating System

iOS is Apple's Operating System be a platform iPhone, iPod and iPad. iOS become the world's second best-selling OS after Android. Users of this operating system is primarily Apple. The most recent version is iOS 6.

iOS has the simplest interface compared to two competitors, Android and Windows. Since it was first launched, it should not change much. There may be little extras such as the addition of folders and notifications, but basically remains the same.

Maybe because not many changes, making users of Apple products is not difficult to move using the same products with the latest version. The trend of gadget users to always have the time to get used to each new gadget, seems also to be considered by the manufacturer.

Although there are thousands of applications available in the app store, but had to download to purchase from the App Store. While content such as movies, television shows, podcasts, books, music and audiobooks can be purchased through the iTunes Store.

The key feature iOS is the iPhone, not applications or other digital technologies such as Android or Windows Phone. While Siri is another feature of iOS. Overall, Siri is not much use, because the service was only available in 15 languages in the world.

iOS is the operating system that is perfect for those who want a simple gadget but have advanced technology, and those who do not want to bother with the technical stuff.


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