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How To Choose A Tablet ?

How To Choose A Tablet?

Choose tablet needs to be based on various factors. This tip is more emphasis on consideration of the factors of the hardware. Since the tablet using the operating system is different, but in general each tablet is designed to provide optimum convenience and comfort to users.

Since the screen is very important, it is a high-end tablet placed significant emphasis on displays and resolutions, it is becoming a decisive factor for comfort, especially when performing activities related to graphics or just watch the video. The screen size is determined between the diagonally opposite corner.

Most of the screen size for a tablet is about 10 ". Apple iPad offers a screen 9.7 ", Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 has a screen size of 10.1".

Other products have a smaller screen, a 7 "like the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, BlackBerry PlayBook, Dell Streak 7 and the HTC Flyer.

LG Optimus Pad, has a screen 8.9 ". Samsung has several screen size options include 7.7 ", 8.9" and Galaxy Note 5 ". Meanwhile, Sony has a P Tablet, which has two screens 5.5 "and can be folded. All screen size and pixel resolution adapted for everyday use.

Tablet can be used to do a lot of work, send the information, mark the position on a map and provide navigation when searching for a location. Recording video and taking photos. Browsing or streaming video from the internet, also for the game. To carry out all the functions quickly, the tablet requires adequate processor.

Therefore, consider choosing Tablet running dual-core processors. So that the tablet has access to two processing cores, so that different tasks can be handled in parallel, the condition is very influential on pace to finish the order.

If tablets are used to work with a lot of files, then choose a tablet that supports microSD cards. Additional external memory to enhance the ability to support the work of the tablet.

If the tablet is more widely used for the function of the laptop or PC by typing on the keyboard, then choose the tablet that has a facility for an external keyboard. This facility will provide much comfort for those not used to typing on the touch screen.

Some version of the tablet using Wi-Fi networks, some are using 3G. Some are using the W-Fi + 3G. Should choose the version W-Fi + 3G for because not all places are WiFi network.

Tablets are designed for portability, so rely on electricity from the battery. Although the battery life depends on the intensity of usage, but choose a tablet with the longest battery life.

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