Monday, November 19, 2012

Android Infiltrated by 50,000 Malwares

Android Infiltrated by 50,000 Malwares

Android Operating System is an open operating system that easily compromised by malware. According to a survey, malware or a malicious computer program that came from outside the Android app store, Google Play Store.

Software security company F-Secure noted, there are 51,447 cases of malware found on Android in the third quarter of 2012. This number increased more than 10-fold compared to the previous quarter which only 5,000 cases of malicious programs.

However, according to F-Secure, in the third quarter of this year only 146 malicious programs from the Android Market app store, or 0.5 percent of all malicious programs on Android.

Malware comes from a website that is not secure or log when users download applications at places other than Google Play.

Of 51 447 cases a malicious program in Android, 55.2 percent in the category of danger and only 44.8 percent are considered at risk. Malicious programs are in the category of danger is potentially stealing user data.

In Google Play Store 3.9.16 version, Google added a system of detection and malware scanner as an effort to improve safety in the store application. This feature will check all the apps that have been downloaded the user, and tells the user if there is an application that contains malware.


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