Friday, November 23, 2012

What Are The New Features of Windows 8?

What Are The New Features of Windows 8 ?

Windows 8 is still consistent with having a very different look with Apple's IOS operating system. Display home screen in Windows 8 was assessed exactly as long as it is on Windows Phone: colorful, with a number of boxes containing apps, connections, content, and features.

User interface called "Metro" will have instant access, but also allows having a classic Windows look. Metro Display also provides touch control, which could signal Microsoft will develop the operating system for tablets.

"Every minute you use a touch device with Windows 8, I promise you will come back to your computer and continue to touch the screen," Sinofsky said, as quoted by FoxNews.

Then, the latest Windows operating system also saves memory. Sinofsky later demonstrated, using Lenovo laptop with Intel Atom 1 GB, Windows 7 'eat' memory of 404 MB, while Windows 8 is only of 281 MB. Thus it would be a lot of space for apps.

Microsoft also demonstrated Windows 8 is not only good to use on standard Intel or AMD processor, which has been commonly used in desktop computers. Windows 8 is going down well with the ARM microprocessor, which is used in tablets.

Since speaking to the content and application developers, Microsoft says Windows 8 will work well for apps. "If you add an app, then the system of Windows 8 will be growing and growing," said Sinofsky.

Also mentioned, Microsoft will launch Windows version of the app-store. App-store include Metro-style apps for Windows 8 or Windows Classic.


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