Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What Is Relied In Jelly Bean?

What Is Relied In Jelly Bean?

Android 4.2 popularly called Jelly Bean offers a new feature called Photo Sphere camera. This feature allows users to capture panoramic images which covers wide area view. This technology has previously been applied in Street View Google Maps.

Android new version also comes with a Multi-user Support, this will allow users of mobile devices, when used by more than one person, can have their own account.

According to the description of Google, each user account can record all the stuff and the customization associated with the user, ranging from the homescreen, widgets, applications, to record the high-score game. To switch between accounts, users do not need to go through phases of log-in and log-out.

Daydream is a new feature of Andorid 4.2 displays "useful information" when in idle or plugged in dock. The information referred to can include pictures from the photo album or the latest news from Google Currents.

Facilities on-screen keyboard on Android 4.2 supports Gesture Typing functionality, where users can simply "ran a finger over each letter is selected for typing, then lift a finger after typing one word." This feature also adds a space after each word automatically.

The notification area also got an update in Android 4.2. According to the Google, users can do the swiping with finger from the top of the screen to see all notifications in one place. Notifications can load additional functions related to the type of notification that is displayed, such as the option to call a phone number that is recorded as a missed call.

Search still rely Knowledge Graph and voice-search function of Google, but there are additional Google Now with new functions such as the ability to find interesting spots to take pictures in the area, information about upcoming movies, as well as a few other things.

The user device with Android 4.2 operating system can deliver output display to a large screen TV that has an HDMI input connected to a wireless display adapter.

With the Jelly Bean new version, users expect with special needs can more easily use the device. Some of the new accessibility features in Android 4.2 include screen magnification by tapping three fingers on the screen. The device still receive input when the screen was raised.

Users who have vision problems can also interact with the tablet via Gesture Mode to navigate the UI with the touch and sweep of a finger, plus the speech output.

In Android Jelly Bean also be improving the performance, Widgets, and Android Beam. Google did not specify Specific performance improvements can be expected from Android 4.2. The operating system is still promising a smooth operation as well as "touch response is more reactive and uniform".


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