Friday, November 23, 2012

New Terms For Android App Developers

New Terms For Android App Developers

Requirements for application developers Android updated Google. The action was carried out in order to improve the Android operating system which often fragmented.

Changes in the requirements is the first by Google since 2009 where fragmentation is not a concern.

Google now requires the developers to create applications that are serious no vulnerabilities that allow hackers get into the system of the user's device. This possibility can often occur due to the increasing use of open operating system that is free.

However, the manufacturer of the device was actually assessed should take responsibility in the prevention of fragmentation by providing Android updates.

One of the clauses in these terms is "Developers must agree to refrain from any actions that could lead to the fragmentation of the Android operating system, including but not limited to the distribution, participation and the creation or promotion of the development of the operating system software by any means."

According to internal statistics from Google, of all Android devices are active at this time, 54% were still using Gingerbread version.


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